send my regards to hell

I wanna be that one girl who looks really cute but also gives off the vibe that she could snap your neck if you disrespect her like is that possible for me

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You were right. This is a place where horrible things happen. You were right to go. You’re probably escaping disaster…But, I figure this place has given me as much as it’s taken from me. I’ve lived here just as much as I’ve survived here. It just depends on how I look at it.

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shout out to my sister for inviting like 20 of her friends over without telling me and expecting me to do multiple trips to drop them all off at a party

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There’s no one funnier than Ray Holt.
There isn’t?

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if you ever feel like a failure, just remember that jack crawford and the fbi arrested a vegan as the main suspect on a cannibal case

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make me choose chris diaz or dov epstein

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i think my saddest moment as an Australian was finding out that the rest of the world doesn’t say “never eat soggy weetbix” to figure out the order of the compass

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Jo Wilson in “Go It Alone”

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Need it NOWWWW. let’s sink McCollins and get on with the good candy!

idk what you’re talking about nick and andy have a really solid relationship built on trust and love season 5 is gonna be all about them forming a future together if you’re not watching for mccollins you’re watching for the wrong reasons

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